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“Our mission is to provide the highest quality and largest selection of fastener products to the hobbyist and commercial restorer alike.” Paul W. Franchina: Rimfire CycleScrew’s founder, is a nationally known Japanese motorcycle restorer, who’s motorcycles have won numerous Concourse trophies and awards. Paul has had his bikes featured in National and International publications and is a past National Vice President of the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club of North America. The motorcycle pictures to the left belong to Mr. Franchina. The company was founded to fill a need in the Japanese restoration community for high quality, market correct fasteners for early Japanese motorcycles. While most ISO standard screws will do the job mechanically, only the proper Japanese specification screws will look correct on these vintage (and now antique) motorcylces.
Rimfire CycleScrews is a niche-market supplier of period correct fasteners for the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle restorer. From OEM exact replacements, to visually exact but materially superior stainless steel, Rimfire has the screws, nuts and bolts you need to complete that 100 point restoration of your Vintage Japanese motorcycle.
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